Corporate Chef

Simone Pinato

Simone Pinato, Corporate Chef for our Speciality Restaurants and MSC Yacht Club, was born in the province of Rovigo, near Venice, in 1983. While at school, he gained his initial culinary experience working over the weekends and summer holidays in the kitchens of prestigious hotels in Val Badia and Venice. Then, when he was 19, he began working in the sector full-time, quickly gaining promotion to station chef in various areas before becoming a Sous Chef at the age of just 21.

Driven by a constant desire to learn and improve, Simone began working with multi-Michelin-star chef Bruno Barbieri in 2004, and then embarked on a new adventure in 2006, working with Marco De Vincentis as Executive Chef of “Sapor Bio”.

Having occupied the position of Executive Chef at some of the most prestigious hotels on the Romagna Riviera and having acquired teaching experience at the exclusive Istituto Alberghiero in Modena, he now brings his passion, professionalism and creativity to MSC, designing the menus for our Speciality Restaurants and dedicated MSC Yacht Club Restaurants.

Carefully-selected ingredients, a deep respect for and understanding of tradition, and a remarkable talent for combining flavours are the hallmarks of Chef Pinato’s creations.