Cruise Director

Claudia Nündel

Claudia is a master of many languages, speaking fluent English, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish as well as her mother tongue, German. Not only that, but she has also mastered more than one demanding career, having trained as an Interpreter and Translator before moving into marketing beauty products for Oréal and then eye medicines for the pharmaceutical industry. Claudia transferred her skills to the cruise industry a decade later, working as an international hostess at Royal Caribbean from 1998 and at Costa Cruises from 1999, where her immense abilities earned rapid promotion to Assistant Cruise Director in 2003 and Cruise Director in 2005. Having gained consolidated experience in the position, she joined the MSC family in 2008 and immediately found herself at home, appreciated for the energy she brings to her role.

7 years service with MSC Cruises, 10 years experience as Cruise Director 

On board MSC Sinfonia* 

*Information subject to change

(Updated 2015)