Carlo Aiello

He joined MSC Cruises in 1999 on board Rhapsody as a Cadet Officer. He has served through the ranks most recently serving in the position of Staff Master on board MSC Opera and has been an invaluable member of the on board team throughout the years. Master Aiello successfully completed a number of tasks and manoeuvres using the simulator, which not only shows his vast capability of ship handling but exemplary service and devotion to his duty and how he sets an outstanding example to others. Master Aiello has faced many challenging situations throughout his career, from the reflagging of a vessel to closing down the MSC Melody. MSC have has entrusted Master Aiello with a number of projects because of his abilities and how much he is respected by both the Shore-side and on board teams.

18 years service with MSC, he is Master on board MSC Opera

(Updated 2017)