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"We felt very safe and all of the staff was friendly 

Giovanna G."

"It was my first cruise and it was like the ship's name: GRANDIOSA! The casino staff was very attentive and very friendly! This was a dream cruise that I will repeat next year for sure!

Carola B."

"Everything was perfect on this wonderful cruise where we felt  protected by your anti covid measures. The food was delicious and the cleanliness of the ship was excellent

Marisa C."

"I want to express my admiration for a company that in such a difficult period was able to organize the most beautiful cruise I have ever done in complete safety.

Alessandro B."

"Excellent post covid organization on board. Congratulations!

Annamaria D."

"My compliments to all the staff who work many several hours per day in order to make our holiday unforgettable 

Domenico G."

"All in total safety. Thanks MSC

Mariano B."

"MSC FOREVER ... The perfect vacation is onboard one of your ships. Awesome!

Giuseppe R."

"Thanks MSC! A grandiose cruise just like the ship!

Donatella G."

"Wonderful cruise! I have already done many cruises but this was by far the one I enjoyed the most! Congratulations to MSC who never disappoints 

Silvana B."

"Fantastic experience, complete in everything and organized in details

Marina G."

"The Covid measures were essential and did not have a negative impact on my cruise, I believe the management of the Covid crisis by MSC was optimal.

Alain S."

"I would like to thank MSC because it makes us feel part of the family.. a special praise to the captain for his attention to the well-being of passengers and for his professionalism.

Paola B."

"Given the current situation caused by Covid-19, an MSC cruise is the only holiday I would recommend.

Helenia D."

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