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Gdynia is a Polish port on the Bay of Gdansk, overlooking the Baltic Sea. Steeped in a colourful naval past, the city is also home to an iconic statue of Joseph Conrad — one of the English language’s greatest novelists. This fascinating MSC Northern Europe Cruises destination is known for its modernist buildings and intriguing landmarks including the glorious Kosciuszki Square. Further afield, you’ll discover an array of sights including Malbork Castle and the vibrant town of Gdańsk.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:
• Gdańsk
• Oliwa Cathedral
• Malbork Castle
Gdańsk is a seaport immersed in ancient maritime traditions, dating back to 997 AD. On an MSC Cruises excursion, you’ll explore its reconstructed historical centre, which showcases Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque-style buildings. Gdańsk is also a renowned centre for amber which is used in the creation of elegant jewellery. Visit the world’s largest brick church – the impressive St Mary’s – before enjoy some leisure time shopping for gemstones.
A trip to Gdańsk is not complete without visiting Oliwa and its stunning 13th-century cathedral. On an MSC Cruises excursion you’ll admire the striking three-nave basilica, showcasing Gothic, Renaissance, and Rococo features. Discover an extraordinary trio of organs containing 7876 tin and wooden pipes that reproduce the sounds of musical instruments and natural voices. Oliwa Cathedral is the longest Cistercian church in the world and was erected on the grounds of an ancient monastery.
Malbork Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a particularly fine example of a medieval brick fortress, originally built by Teutonic Knights in the 13th century. Discover this amazing landmark, on the banks of the river Nogat, on an MSC Cruises excursion. Wander the castle’s exterior and admire dry moats, towers, the drawbridge, and stunning courtyard gardens. Then, take a tour through the interior halls where you’ll see a fascinating collection of sculptures and impressive antique armour.

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    The sumptuousness of times past
    The sumptuousness of times past

    A cruise to Poland will show you a nation steeped in tradition and history, although the past twenty years have witnessed such dizzying economic development that the country is starting to feel more and more like Western Europe.

    Still, beneath the gleaming surface lies a culture firmly rooted in Eastern hospitality and community values, and fascinating reminders of the turbulent past are everywhere. 

    holiday to Poland will also reveal an underrated land of considerable natural beauty, whose idyllic lakes, beaches and mountains provide a nice contrast to the urban buzz of the cities. 

    The capital Warsaw is a fascinating hybrid, its historic centre rubbing up against neighbourhoods of communist-era grey, glittering modern office blocks and energetic pockets of vibrant nightlife. 

    Kraków, the ancient royal capital in the south, is the real crowd-puller, rivalling the elegance of Prague and Vienna, while closest to Northern Europe Gdańsk offers an insight into Poland’s turbulent history as well as its Baltic riviera beach life

    In the west, Wrocław charms visitors with its stately architecture and buzzy student life, while Poznań offers a mixture of historical attractions and urban diversions that is quintessentially Polish. The Tatra Mountains on the Slovak border offer exhilarating hiking and affordable skiing.