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The port of Qaqortoq is the largest city in Southern Greenland and is set in a system of fjords. This MSC Northern Europe Cruises destination is perched on an inlet in the Davis Strait and boasts 18th-centruy colonial architecture, stunning natural landscapes, and an attractive landmark fountain.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including: 
• Tasersuaq Lake Hike
• Hvalsey Church Ruins by Boat
• Qaqortoq Discovery and Greenlandic Tasting Session
An MSC Cruises excursion around Lake Tasersuaq will have you discovering the enchanting world of the Arctic tundra. Take a leisurely hike across picturesque countryside before reaching the town of Qaqortoq. Discover a stream that forms a natural pool and an abundance of local birdlife. A guide will share fascinating knowledge about the region and its otherworldly landscapes. 
Located on the banks of a breathtaking fjord stands Hvalsey church, Greenland’s ancient Norse ruin. On an MSC Cruises excursion you’ll travel to the site by boat, to see this this amazing archaic structure in detail. From the comfort of the vessel, take in views of Greenland’s majestic fjords and mountains, before exploring the 12th-century church and the adjacent 10th-century farmstead. On a grassy slope, pause for a moment to soak up the spectacular atmosphere. 
Enjoy a guided MSC Cruises excursion to the colourful fishing town of Qaqortoq where you’ll explore this charming location on foot. There, you’ll find plenty of pretty attractions including Saviors Church, the landmark fountain, and the local Inuit museum. Learn about Qaqortoq’s native cultural heritage before stopping at a local restaurant to savour a selection of Inuit specialities! Afterwards, take in views of the icy blue fjords before heading back to the ship.

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    Amid Glaciers and Whales
    Amid Glaciers and Whales

    It appears that we have Erik the Red to thank for naming this gigantic island "green land", despite the fact it is actually barren and icy rather than covered with fields.

    A thousand years ago, the first Europeans – Icelandic settlers – believed the Norman leader’s promises and followed him to start settling on Greenland’s coasts. The Inuit people arrived from North America about two hundred years later, adapting much better to its extreme climate than the first settlers. 

    Denmark only took possession of this territory officially in the 18th century, and today the country has its own form of self-government. An MSC cruise will take you to the small village of Ilulissat, which overlooks the bay of Baffin; Nuuk, the capital of Greenland, situated on the west coast, boasting just under twenty thousand inhabitants and the beautiful Katuaq cultural centre; Qaqortoq, situated on the southern tip of the island in front of the beautiful Lake Tasersuaq. During your MSC cruise, you can take an excursion in search of whales or get up close to the faces of the ice-mountains that jut into the sea.