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Europa Point Lighthouse
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The British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar, famous for its towering rock, is a popular MSC Mediterranean Cruises destination.

Located on Spain’s south coast, on the tip of the Iberian Peninsula, it was first settled by the Moors in the Middle Ages. From the top of the rock, enjoy views of the city of Gibraltar, the Strait of Gibraltar, and the Atlas Mountains of Morocco! Or explore the town’s Palladian architecture before indulging in afternoon tea on the waterfront.
MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:
· Europa Point Lighthouse
· The Upper Rock Nature Reserve
· Tailless Monies
Visit La Farola on an MSC Cruises excursion, one of Gibraltar’s leading attractions. This historical lighthouse, built in 1841, is approximately 49 metres above sea-level. Next, journey to the Upper Rock, where you’ll discover the incredible St. Michael’s Cave. This natural wonder showcases stalagmites and stalactites, and a cathedral-like chamber. Afterwards, explore the pretty winding streets of the Upper Town area where you can take in a multitude of vibrant neighbourhoods. See colourful buildings, stop at an English-style pub, or shop the stores on Main Street.
The Rock of Gibraltar, a monolithic limestone promontory, is purported to be one of the two legendary Pillars of Hercules. On this MSC Cruises excursion, you’ll travel to spectacular Europa Point, the southernmost part of Gibraltar. At Upper Rock, enter St. Michael's Cave, a network of limestone chambers used since prehistoric times. The Cathedral Cave is now an auditorium and offers a striking view of stalactites and stalagmites. Afterwards, travel by cable car to the very top of the rock. There, you’ll witness incredible views over the sea, all the way to the African continent!
Gibraltar is the perfect place for a family outing so this MSC Cruises excursion is sure to delight the kids! After a photo opportunity at Europa Point, visit the remarkable Alameda Botanic Gardens to explore an abundance of plants and trees. Take the cable car to meet a population of wild Barbary Macaque monkeys at the popular Ape’s Den. Then, ascend to the top of the Rock to take in the magnificent panorama before stopping in the restaurant/bar for a drink or snack.

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    The British pillars of Hercules
    The British pillars of Hercules

    The main highlight of a cruise to Gibraltar is essentially its novelty: the genuine appeal of the strange, looming physical presence of its rock, and the dubious one of its preservation as one of Britain’s last remaining colonies.

    For most of its history it has existed in a limbo between two worlds without being fully part of either. It’s a curious place to visit, not least to witness the bizarre process of its opening to mass tourism from the Costa del Sol. Ironically, this threatens both to destroy Gibraltar’s highly individual hybrid society and at the same time to make it much more British.

    In recent years, the economic boom Gibraltar enjoyed throughout the 1980s, following the reopening of the border with Spain, has started to wane, and the future of the colony – whether its population agrees to it or not – is almost certain to involve closer ties with Spain. Yet Gibraltarians stubbornly cling to British status, and all their institutions are modelled on British lines. Contrary to popular belief, however, as you’ll discover during your MSC Mediterranean cruise to Gibraltar, they are of neither mainly Spanish nor British blood, but an ethnic mix descended from Genoese, Portuguese, Spanish, Menorcan, Jewish, Maltese and British forebears.