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This MSC World Cruise destination, part of the Lesser Sunda chain in Indonesia, is famous for being the habitat of the Komodo dragon, the largest lizard on planet Earth! A landscape of contrasts, this mesmerising island is also known for its pink sand beach — one of only seven in the world!

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• Komodo Dragon
• Komodo National Park
• Pink Beach

Komodo National Park is home to the mighty Komodo dragon — a rare and wild reptile which resembles a dinosaur! On an MSC Cruises excursion, you’ll visit this magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is also a habitat for other amazing animals. Encounter the orange-footed scrub fowl, the Rinca rat, the Timor deer, and water buffalo. Then, take in vibrant coral reefs enveloping the island which boast sea turtles, dolphins and whales. A park ranger will guide you through tropical vegetation, thorny shrubland, and dry meadows as part of a fascinating tour. Get your camera ready while you wait for the mammoth Komodo dragons to reveal themselves!

Enjoy an MSC Cruises excursion that will take you first to Komodo National Park, for an exciting walking tour in search of the dragon of Komodo and then to the Pink Beach. The beach's unusual colour is due to soft white sand merging with fine red grains. Take a dip in the turquoise sea or soak up the glorious sunshine. Snorkelling lovers will relish a range of beautiful coral formations flourishing under the water.

If you are passionate about exploring unique places in the world then you must absolutely choose an MSC excursion which will give you the opportunity to enjoy for a few hours this Pink Beach. it's one of the 7 beaches known in the world with a pink coloured sand and it's a natural wonder to behold, with the blush-hued sand providing a striking contrast against the stunning turquoise water. Grab your swimsuit, sun cream, and a snorkelling mask for an unforgettable day by the ocean. Explore the island's extraordinary marine life on a snorkelling jaunt or stroll along the fairy-tale shoreline.

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    A vast archipelago
    A vast archipelago

    The Indonesian archipelago spreads over 5200km between the Asian mainland and Australia, all of it within the tropics, and comprises 17,000 islands to explore. Its ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity is correspondingly great – more than 500 languages and dialects are spoken by its 250 million people, whose fascinating customs and lifestyles are a major attraction.
    A cruise to Indonesia features highlights across the archipelago, beginning in Medan on Sumatra’s north-east coast. From here, the classic itinerary runs to the thick jungles and orangutan sanctuary at Bukit Lawang and down towards the lakeside resorts on Pulau Samosir in South-east Asia’s largest lake, Danau Toba. Just across the water from Java sits Bali, the long-time jewel in the crown of Indonesian tourism, a tiny island of elegant temples, verdant landscape and fine surf.
    The biggest resorts are in the party conurbation of Kuta-Legian-Seminyak, with the more subdued beaches at Lovina and Candi Dasa appealing to travellers not hell-bent on nightlife. Most cruisers also spend time in Bali’s cultural centre Ubud, whose lifeblood continues to be painting, carving, dancing and music-making.
    The islands east of Bali – collectively known as Nusa Tenggara – are attracting increasing numbers of travellers, particularly neighbouring Lombok, with its beautiful beaches and temples.