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The Caribbean’s foremost natural attraction

Trinidad and Tobago is an ideal place to take refuge in nature, while also enjoying the folklore, rhythms and flavours of the island enriched by its melting pot of cultures that can be traced back to Africa, India, Europe, the Middle East and China.
Well known for pristine beaches and ancient rainforests, Trinidad’s Northern Range mountains, which cover a quarter of the island, are home to almost 500 different species of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish and 620 types of butterflies. The island has been awarded the title of the world's most environmentally friendly destination, as well as the Caribbean's foremost natural attraction.
MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:
• Maracas Bay
• Royal Botanic Gardens
• Mount St. Benedict's Monastery
• Caroni Bird Sanctuary
Once you arrive on an MSC Caribbean and Antilles cruise in the bustling capital of Port of Spain, book one of our scenic drives to experience breath-taking panoramic views of Port of Spain. Drive by striking buildings such as the parliament and the row of colonial houses originally built as private residences known as The Magnificent Seven. Or surround yourself with exotic trees and tropical flowers at the Royal Botanic Gardens, one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world, established in 1818.
Leaving town, journey on an MSC excursion to the edge of Trinidad's rainforest to ascend to the Mount St. Benedict's Monastery, known as the Abbey of Our Lady of Exile, 660 feet above sea level. Nestled peacefully in the mountains, the monastery was originally founded by Brazilian monks as a refuge for monks and anybody suffering religious persecution. Here your guide will provide a cultural and historical perspective of the monks who have lived a contemplative life for decades. The monastery welcomes people of all faiths.
Need to unwind? Let us take you to Maracas Bay, a popular beach lined with palm trees and surrounded by densely covered hills. It’s the ideal spot to soak up some sun.
If you’re searching for wildlife, grab your camera and join us on an MSC excursion to the Caroni Bird Sanctuary. Perfect for bird-watchers, you’ll travel along the mangroves on a flat-bottom boat or kayak and see the nesting home of the scarlet ibis and other species. Or drive through cocoa, citrus and coffee plantations to the Asa Wright Nature Centre, nestled in the Aripo Valley, for a walk through the tropical rainforest with a naturalist guide. 

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    Trinidad and Tobago

    Shades of the coral reef
    Shades of the coral reef

    Trinidad and Tobago. So close but so different. A cruise to Trinidad will carry you to Port of Spain, its capital, nearly twenty times more populated than Scarborough, the main center of Tobago.

    Nineteenth century colonial buildings line two pedestrian avenues which make up Independence Square, the main square, full of shops and restaurants. In the north eastern corner of Queen’s Park Savannah, once a sugar plantation, and today a public park with a race course inside, you can visit the beautiful rockery garden with water lilies covering a pond between the rocks. Moving onto the opposite side you have a splendid aerial view of the small town. The Magnificent Seven stand out: a wonderful group of colonial buildings where the parapets and turrets of the Stollmeyer Castle catch your eye, a fragment of Scotland in the Caribbean sea.

    Unspoilt nature can be found on both islands, but for a slower pace you should go to Tobago. You will still find colourful fishing villages as they were fifty years ago, like those of Charlotteville and Speyside. At the latter, you can find unique sites for diving amongst the coral reef which protects the beaches, between sponges as tall as man and bushes of black coral.