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Beautiful beaches 
Barrier reef snorkelling and diving
Fun in West Bay
Picturesque fishing villages
Jungle zip-lines and wildlife

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Isla de Roatán

A seafaring culture

Setting foot on Isla de Roatán, off the coast of Honduras, is like entering an incredible work of art where the mountainous lush green junglescape meets the glorious blue sea, and deep coves hide pirates of the past. Roatán, after all, was at one point home to more than 5,000 pirates.

Largely untouched, Roatán is known for its barrier reef, fishing and diving cultures. The island offers easy access to beautiful beaches and its coral reef, a sanctuary for snorkelers and divers exploring the bounty of its marine life.

You’ll arrive on an MSC Caribbean and Antilles cruise into Coxen Hole, the capital of the island, aptly named after the pirate who anchored his ship here at the end of the 17th century.

MSC Cruises excursions offer plenty of exciting things to see including:

• Beautiful beaches 

• Barrier reef snorkelling and diving

• Fun in West Bay

• Picturesque fishing villages

• Jungle zip-lines and wildlife

Head off the beaten track to explore the picturesque fishing villages of Punta Gorda, with its Garifuna people, descendants of island Caribs and African slaves, and Oak Ridge, a village on stilts only accessible by boat. Here in an exclusive Martha Stewart excursion curated for MSC, you’ll learn about the local fishing culture, taste local delicacies and explore the island’s waterways and mangroves.

For something more adventurous, book one of several MSC excursions that will have you darting across suspension bridges, zip lining through jungle canopy and mingling with monkeys, toucans, parrots and many other birds that inhabit the local forests.

Seeking more vibes? Head to popular West Bay for excellent cocktails, beautiful beaches, shopping and entertainment that livens the atmosphere in the rhythm of Caribbean music. 

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    An unexplored marvel
    An unexplored marvel

    Honduras should be visited without haste. An MSC cruise to the Caribbean, Cuba and Antilles can serve as a great introduction to this land. Your ship will sail off the Atlantic coast of Central America, over 600 km of which is occupied by this country.

    You will pass the waters were 15th century pirate ships and raiders gave chase to Spanish ships laden with silver. Most of Honduras is still covered by forests and mountains. Even its capital Tegucigalpa is located at an elevation of almost one thousand metres. Its interior contains marvels such as the Mayan ruins of Copán, along the border with Guatemala, and the spotless colonial city of Gracia, adjacent to Parque Nacional Celaque. 
    Even Lake Yojoa to the west and remote regions such as La Mosquitia to the northeast are destinations of certain interest to nature lovers. Most of the rivers of Honduras flow into the Atlantic Ocean, where the Islas de la Bahía are of particular interest. Until the end of the 19th century, the economy of these islands, like that of the rest of the country, revolved around banana plantations. Today, they rely mainly on fishing and tourism. In fact, their beaches and tropical climate attract the most beautiful cruise ships throughout the year. Specifically, the largest island of the archipelago, Roatan, has become a relaxing destination for a pleasant Caribbean holiday.