For us sustainability means protecting the environment, supporting the people who work with us and choose to travel with us, as well as the communities and places that we visit and do business with.

Our sustainability programme is organised around four key pillars: Planet, People, Place and Procurement. This translates into a drive to continuously improve our fleet’s environmental performance; caring for all employees and promoting diversity and inclusion; working to ensure that our impact on the coastal communities that we reach remains positive; and responsibly sourcing the products and services that we purchase.

Sustainability it also means putting the safety of our crew and guests at the center of everything. In 2020, due to the extraordinary circumstances caused by the Covid-19 pandemic we had to halt all our operations and repatriate thousands of guests and crew home in a matter of days. Furthermore we had to secure our business, adapt our operations and prepare for a safe return of guests thanks to an industry-leading Health & Safety protocol.

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We continuously push the boundaries of what is technically possible at sea and are actively engaged in the development of next generation environmental technology to achieve net carbon neutral operations by 2050 and eventually net zero emissions across all our operations.

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MSC Cruises is a people-focused company, employing tens of thousands of people across the world. Nearly 80% work on board our ships.

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Collaboration with local authorities, community groups and partners, such as the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), to share information and integrate policies and strategies helps support sustainable tourism management. Together, we are promoting a variety of activities to our passengers and delivering greater social and economic outcomes for communities.

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From large mechanical parts for our ships to ingredients to feed thousands of people at a time, down to the smallest details, like toiletries, and medical items, we need to buy a huge amount of supplies for our fleet, crew and guests.
Managing environmental, social and ethical issues in our supply chain is critical, and we take a robust approach to this across all areas of procurement.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has seriously affected the cruise industry - so much so that in 2020 we saw a complete halt of operations globally.

Our first priority was to get our guests home safely as soon as possible, and to repatriate our crew.  This was a huge challenge as international travel was increasingly limited as borders were closing and mobility regulations increased.  Next, we needed to arrange the safe layup of our ships, ensure the continued health and wellbeing of our onboard essential crew members, and prepare for a ‘new normal’ when operations could resume. 

Today, few months later and thanks to our enhanced Health & Safety Protocol we are back navigating at sea demonstrating that cruises are currently one of the safest holidays option.