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A city in transformation

Stretching for some 14km beside the Río Nervión, Bilbao (Bilbo) is a large city that seldom feels like one.

Even though its urban sprawl now fills the narrow valley, you can always see the green slopes of the mountains to either side beyond the high-rise buildings of the city centre. You can make Bilbao a stop-off on your MSC Cruises holiday in the Northern Europe.

The biggest city in the Basque Country, serving as the capital of Bizkaia province, it has plenty to offer, from its exuberant cutting-edge architecture and stimulating museums to its friendly inhabitants. 

Despite its name, the Casco Viejo (“old town”), is not in fact the oldest part of Bilbao. The city started out as a cluster of small fishing villages on the left bank of the river, whereas the Casco Viejo grew up across the river between the fourteenth and nineteenth centuries. All the oldest buildings that still survive, however, are now concentrated here, and during a shore excursion it’s the most enjoyable area to explore on foot. 

This tight-knit labyrinth of old stone lanes, filled with bars and restaurants and cradling the delightful arcaded main square, the Plaza Nueva, also holds some interesting museums.

Frank Gehry’s astounding Museo Guggenheim looms over the left bank of the Río Nervión, ten minutes’ walk west of the Casco Viejo. Completed in 1997, it was hailed by architect Philip Johnson as “the greatest building of our time”.

MSC Cruises also offer excursions to San Sebastián, which ranks among the great resort cities in Europe. While the superb sheltered beach on its very doorstep is the biggest attraction of all and an ideal cruise excursion, San Sebastián also boasts a charming old-town core, the Casco Viejo, squeezed up against the foot of verdant Monte Urgull.

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    Reach the port

    Port of Bilbao

    This section contains information on how to reach the port.

    Cruise Terminal:

    Campo de Volatín, 37 Getxo 
    48007 - Bilbao

    Reach the port by

    • Car

      From the centre of Bilbao, starting from Plaza Moyua, take the Recalde Zumarkalea and then Salbeko Zubia roads to and through the Artxanda-Salbe tunnel north of the city. Exiting the tunnel, take the N-637 (Txorierri) north-west to the junction with the BI-637, taking the exit for the BI-637 towards Avavanzada and Getxo. At the Artatza roundabout, take the second exit, signposted "Kruzeroen kaia / Cruise pier".
      After 600 metres, turn right, following the same signposting, and position yourself in the left-hand lane. After a further 67 metres, you will come to a junction where you need to turn left.
      After 650 metres, you will reach a roundabout. Take the second exit towards the Marina and 400 metres down this road you will reach the entrance to the Cruise Terminal, with a parking area alongside.
    • Train

      The main Train Station in Bilbao is Abando Station on Plaza Biribila, 2, 48008, Bilbao. The station is served by long-distance lines from all over Spain and offers direct access to the Abando Bilbao Metro station, which you can use for your onward journey to the port. Take line 1 towards Bidezabal and Plentzia and get off at Gobela or Neguri station, which are 1 km and 1.5km respectively from Getxo, where the Cruise Terminal is located. You can take a taxi from either of these Metro stations to the cruise terminal. Alternatively the port is a 20-25 minute walk from the stations. You can also take a taxi from the taxi rank outside the station direct to the Cruise Terminal.
    • Plane

      Bilbao airport is located just 5 km from the city centre and offers several convenient options for you to complete your journey to the port.
      There is a taxi rank immediately outside the terminal and a bus service into the centre. The 3247 bus service to Bilbao goes to Plaza Moyua in the city centre and Bilbao Bus Terminal every half hour between 6:15 and 24:00. You can then take the Metro to finish your journey to the Cruise Terminal.

      If travelling by bus from the Airport to the Cruise Terminal, you can take the Metro to finish your journey, whichever of the stops you get off at on the 3247 bus route in Bilbao City Centre (see above). The Metro will take you to Getxo where the Cruise Terminal is located. Take line 1 towards Bidezabal and Plentzia and get off at Gobela or Neguri station, which are 1 km and 1.5km respectively from Getxo. The port is a 20-25 minute walk away, but you can also take a taxi from either of these Metro stations to the Cruise Terminal.



    从风车之地到火热的西班牙。 西班牙大西洋海岸和北海海岸有着多个最迷人的城市,而乘坐MSC邮轮前往北欧是游览这些城市的极好机会。

    邮轮航程的西班牙站将带您到毕尔巴鄂(Bilbao)港,它是巴斯克自治区(Basque Country)最重要的城市之一。此后,您将前往维戈(Vigo)费罗尔(Ferrol)这两个多姿多彩的加利西亚自治区(Galizia)城市。 在此行中,您将为毕尔巴鄂历史悠久的市中心而着迷。这里仿佛是一个由无数小巷组成的迷宫,巷中咖啡的美味持续诱惑着您的味蕾,而古根海姆博物馆(Guggenheim Museum)这个当代艺术博物馆的非凡线条更是会让您惊叹不已。 维戈是一个景色非凡的天然良港,餐馆、商铺和小店在其海滨错落有致。 费罗尔也是一个非常古老的城市。 不远处,在靠近拉科鲁尼亚(La Coruña)的地方矗立着赫拉克勒斯塔(Tower of Hercules),这是目前仅存的少数几个古罗马灯塔之一。  西班牙北部沿岸的航程也是一次心灵之旅。

    您可从伊比利亚半岛(Iberian Peninsula)大西洋海岸的多个地点前往圣地亚哥-德孔波斯特拉(Santiago de Compostela)。这是世界各地朝圣者们的朝圣圣地之一,他们热切地希望前去该城参观伟大的大教堂,观瞻教堂中纪念使徒圣詹姆斯(Apostle James)的祭坛。