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The thoroughly Spanish Alicante has a decidedly elegant Mediterranean air that you can get a taste of on your holiday cruise to southern Spain: close to your cruise ship the city offers seafront paseos and wide, breezy esplanades, peppered with cosy bars and terrace cafés.

What is more, a series of well-curated museums feature everything from ancient archaeology to contemporary art; the city’s cuisine scene is making a name for itself, just as its healthy nightlife did long ago; and its long, sandy beaches are sunkissed for much of the year. 

The rambling Castillo de Santa Bárbara, an imposing medieval fortress located on the bare rocky hill above the town beach, is Alicante’s main historical sight. Best approached from the Mediterranean Sea side – the lift entrance is on Avenida de Jovellanos – it’s easy to reach from your cruise ship. Almost opposite are the Iberian and Roman remains that have been found on the site.

The city’s well-maintained beach – Playa del Postiguet – is perfect for another shore excursion too.

Elche (Elx), 20km inland and south from Alicante, is famed throughout Spain for its exotic palm forest. The palm trees, originally planted by the Moors, are still the town’s chief industry – not only do they attract tourists, but the female trees produce dates, and the fronds from the males are in demand all over the country for use in Palm Sunday processions and as charms against lightning.

A cruise excursion can also be an opportunity to discover Guadalest, one of the more popular tourist attractions in the area. The sixteenth-century Moorish castle town and former Muslim settlement is built high up in the surrounding rock, and you enter through a gateway tunnelled into the mountain.

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    如果您是首次游览西班牙,敬请留意:这是一个让人快速迷恋上瘾的国家。 您可能本打算到西班牙度过一个邮轮假期、徒步旅行或在城市中短暂度假而已,但不知不觉之间,您就会发现自己已经迷恋上了某种不曾经历的事物——这也许是某些地方的节庆活动,或者是带有超现实主义色彩的巴塞罗那建筑。

    即使是在旅游开发最过分的地中海度假胜地太阳海岸(Costa del Sol),您也可以找到一个广受当地人欢迎的地道酒吧或餐馆,而不远处的一个村子里还保留着不受旅游业左右的、古老的斗牛传统。 


    当世界开始从西班牙找寻烹饪灵感时——该国拥有多位全球最负盛名的厨师和最具创新的餐馆——很显然,形势已发生了变化。 尽管目前经济前景不明朗,但西班牙人仍然认为,自己已经与之前的世代大为不同了。