The Givat Yonah (the Hill of Jonah)
An ideal stop for exciting excursions
From Nazareth to the River Jordan

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Gateway to Jerusalem

Disembarking from an MSC cruise ship at Ashdod, a modern Mediterranean port city 70 km from Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, means arriving to a modern city where skyscrapers alternate with low, white housing.

The port and your MSC cruise ship will be guarded by Givat Yonah (Hill of Jonah, 53 m.a.s.l.), which, according to tradition, is the site of the tomb of the prophet Jonah. It is sure to be simply the archaeological remains of a fortified observation point dating to 2500 years ago.

is the ideal stop for exciting excursions to all of Israel, starting with Jerusalem, the only city in the world that is sacred to three religious faiths. In the Old City, surrounded by a wall and divided into four quarters (the Jewish, the Armenian, the Christian, and the Muslim), you will discover the heart of the city.

Here, some of the most important sites for the three Religions of the Book are found: the Western Wall, all that remains of the Second Temple of Jerusalem; the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, sacred to Christians; and the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount, a Muslim place of worship. Another excursion, on the other hand, will take you to Nazareth, where the Basilica of the Annunciation dominates the residential areas.

You will be surprised to find below this modern building of worship, constructed in the 1960s, a cave that has been linked to the Marian cult: this seems to be the spot where the Virgin Mary’s house once stood. Another exciting site is the elegant pure white Wedding Church at Cana in Kafr-Kana, less than ten kilometres from Nazareth. In this place, elevated with respect to the rest of the city, Christ. is believed to have performed his first miracle.

Another unusual place to visit during your trip to Israel is Yardenit in Galilee. We will take you to the lush banks of the River Jordan, where John the Baptist baptized Christ.

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    以色列的假期总会令人终生难忘。 这个圣地有那么多有趣的事情可做,您的每一个游览愿望都能得到满足。 自然、历史、传统、宗教、在海滩上放松、轻装潜水、徒步旅行......您可以在这里完成“度假必做”清单上的每个项目。

    从南部被称为“以色列的瑞士”的加利利(Galilee),到北方的赫尔蒙山(Mount Hermon),再到圣经启示录所在的耶斯列(Jezreel)平原 ,您可以在各个地区找到许多游览的机会。 您可以从与基督生平相关的城镇开始,先去伯利恒(Bethlehem)参观圣诞教堂(Church of the Nativity),接着再去拿撒勒(Nazareth)参观天使报喜大教堂(Basilica of the Annunciation)。

    请不要错过去阿克里(Acri)的岸上观光,这座小镇曾是圣殿骑士团(Knights Templar)的所在地,而今这里仍然留有其遗迹。

    与之相比,特拉维夫(Tel Aviv)更具尘世气息,也更有聚会气氛和活力。它是最现代化的以色列城市,每天24小时热闹非凡。 犹太(Judaea)沙漠也值得一游。这是一片干旱的碎石沙漠,从这里可通向壮观的死海(Dead Sea)