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A cruise to the Caribbean is perfect for learning about the Berry Islands. Situated about fifty miles north of Nassau, they are host to such an abundance of marine life that they have been nicknamed the aquarium of the Bahamas. Among the 30 cays and small submerged islands of the archipelago, between which you will navigate in your MSC cruise ship, there is a private island called Little Stirrup Cay, also called Coco Cay, one of the favourite destinations of those who choose to navigate through these waters.

The island is about 1 kilometre long and less than 200 meters wide. As you will see from your cruise ship, there is nothing blocking your view. In other words, the island is not much higher than a palm tree! Visitors can disembark for a day-long excursion (at night, the island is uninhabited) using a tender service that connects ships anchored in deeper waters with the eastern point of the island, the centre of its recreational activities.

The beaches on this part of the island face a reef basin, where manta rays, skates and many other fascinating fish often swim and can be observed by snorkelers without the need for actual submersion, which are however possible and recommended to enthusiasts. Here, you can participate in a wide range of activities designed for every type of cruise goer on holiday in the Caribbean: from hikes through the thickest vegetation following trails running along and across the island; to aquatic adventures in the special marine park, where a section is reserved to “young” explorers with age-appropriate tasks. Then, outings in a kayak, parasailing, races on a water scooter... or, as an alternative, you can lay out in the sun, perhaps sipping on a typical Coco Cay cocktail.

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    对于那些想去海滩或者带着孩子的游客,位于Lucaya地区的带有小游乐场的Taino Beach会是一个理想的去处。 如果您想寻找整个群岛上最偏僻的海滩之一,那么请别错过蓝色泻湖岛(Blue Lagoon Island):这里有水晶般清澈美丽的碧绿海水和一个隐藏起来的泻湖。

    如果不去游览拿骚(Nassau)历史悠久的堡垒和古迹,那么巴哈马假日就不能被称作是一个真正的假日。您既可以在这里参观新普罗维登斯岛(New Providence)上历史最悠久的蒙塔古堡(Fort Montague),也可去夏洛特堡(Fort Charlotte)欣赏从未真正投入使用的大炮,或是前去游览外形酷似一艘蒸汽轮船的菲卡斯图堡(Fort Fincastle)。 音乐是巴哈马居民的另一大激情所在:它是这片加勒比群岛居民生活的配乐。

    餐馆、赌场甚至是海滩酒吧都经常有现场音乐表演。 演奏的音乐类型包括最传统的钢鼓乐,类似雷鬼乐、用锯子这种不寻常的乐器来演奏的“rake ’n’ scrape”,以及calypsosocajunkanoo