MSC Caribbean Cruises: the ultimate in relaxation

The Bahamas, Antigua, Cayman Islands, Jamaica… the names alone conjure up relaxation and images of paradisiacal islands!

The original tropical paradise awaits your leisurely rediscovery, a myriad of islands arcing along the Caribbean crescent through pristine seas from the lush tip of Florida to Mexico. Rich in history and an incredible diversity of cultures and natural treasures, you’ll relish an experience you keep on reliving long after you’ve returned home.



Cruise to Cozumel - Mexico - Caribbean - MSC Cruises
Cozumel is renowned across the world for its dazzling white sand beaches and the clarity of the Caribbean ocean in which it lies.
Cruise to Nassau - Bahamas - Caribbean - MSC Cruises
Nassau is a beautifully preserved city, with its Victorian mansions, cathedrals, 18th-century fortresses and Queen's Staircase.